Welcome to Pets by Petra!

Photo and testimonial from a photoshoot of Labradoodle dog

We specialize in photographing pets in lifestyle style.
We thrive to capture the candid moments and
the love / bond between the pets and their human.

We are located in Brooklyn, NY and photograph all around NYC.

Pets are often the first babies and they deserve to be photographed. Whether you would like to have a beautiful portrait hanging in your home or a photo album on your book shelf, you’ll cherish those photos many years to come. We plan your photoshoot according to what you are looking for.

 Expression photo session of puppy Boston Terrier from Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC

And what is it that you need? Let’s find out! Follow the few steps below:

Are you looking for a beautiful wall art or a fun series of images compiled in a photo album? Or do you want to freeze every angle of your pet? See the difference between the lifestyle and expressions photoshoot here.
To understand and find out more about your photoshoot with Petra, click here.
If you would like to go with Lifestyle photoshoot, choose the session here.
If you would like to go with Expressions session, state so in the contact form. Remember to tell me as much as you can about your dog (breed, personality, what s/he loves…).
Lifestyle photoshoot: Once you chose the package you would like to book, fill out the Contact Form giving me as much info as possible about your pet.
I get in touch with you to talk about the shoot, your pet and you. Together we decide the date, location and other details.
We have tons of fun during the photoshoot!


What happens after the photoshoot?

EXPRESSION SESSION: We look at the photos right after the session. We choose the images, type of artwork and its size. No worries, you’ll get all the info prior to the session.


LIFESTYLE SESSION: We will schedule a viewing/ordering session. You come in and we choose the photos for specialty products together.

Pets Photography by Petra Romano 

Once your artwork / photo album / prints come, they will warm your heart many years to come.