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Have you heard about the “plandids” yet? People started to go nuts for these types of photos on the Instagram. Honestly, it seems so funny to me. Why? Because in a way I have been doing exactly these kind of images for a really long time now. And it never occurred to me to call them plandids. I simply call them candid/lifestyle photos. And they are pretty much my signature, specialty. But I use a bit different technique than the one described in the article.


So, how do I achieve this style of images? I do not make the pets and their moms and dads repeat one action over and over and over. There are only certain things I direct, the rest is leaving freedom to the client. This way I capture the real personalities. For example I point to a location that would be perfect for a certain action suggesting the family to play certain games together such as fetch or getting a kiss from the fur baby. And there is a lot of action during the photo session to achieve a variety of shots. I love to deliver many great photos because one of the most loved specialty product is the Signature Album. And that’s a great way to tell a story and showcase the true personalities and relationship of the whole family.


So, do I ever take the beautiful/posed portraits? Yes, I do. These classic portraits are the ones that end up in the frames at the parents’ and/or grandparents’ home. They are equally important to have.


Leave a comment below or email me letting me know how you feel about the plandids. Is it something you would love to achieve for your social media or private use? If yes, let’s set you up with a photo session. Call or email me to schedule your photo shoot.  I would love to work with you as this is exactly what I love to achieve in the photos and what I believe in.
PS: This family may be familiar to you… It is Rochelle and Henry from The Broke Dog and Brooklyn Bowtied.

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